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Show your friends what they mean to you with these symbolic friendship bracelets, which come handmade from Colombia, packaged caringly with the meaning written inside. Creatively and socially inspired. Buy and help support the housewives of Antioquia, Colombia.


Which colour describes your best friend?




You engulf me like the sun. With you I smile, I laugh out loud, you give me a warmth inside. You are my support, you have my back in difficult times, you help me overcome tough trails and adversities.




You bring me peace and serenity. Your words reach me deeply, enabling me to reflect, recognize and empower my virtues. You help me detect and strive to overcome my weaknesses and limitations.




You teach me self-knowledge and silence. You teach me to be thoughtful and reflective, to deepen my self-understanding. You teach me that to understand and comprehend others, we must first know our true selves.




You bring me a feeling of vigour and health. Your pure energy compliments my spirit, acting as a vitamin to help me grow. You represent the strength to persevere and achieve my goals and ideals.




You are able to bring out my darker side, generally with hard words. You speak bluntly and with good intentions to make me consider my attitude towards life. Only sincere friends tell each other the truth.




You dominate the rules of living, like the blood that runs through your veins. Alert of the dangers, but without allowing it to diminish your courage. Your breath is always full of loving, strong and passionate words.




You evoke calm and love. You are sweet, delicate, kind, tender and good. You represent the absence of all evil, temper and aggressiveness. You are the person that ‘sees all rosy’.




You highlight the beauty of life and give hope within it. You encourage me daily. You are the optimising being that encourages me to trust that it is always worth fighting, despite adversity.




You guide me to my majestic essence, you highlight my abilities and my greatness. Your words are full of nobility, authority and wisdom.


All items are received with the message written as seen in the photo, in an understandable (/endearing) English, they have been re - written on the website for a clear understanding. 

Symbolic Friendship Bracelet

  • Material; waxed string, polyester resin brooch


    Approximate measurements;  Width: 0.4cm  Length: adjustable


    Please beware that as these are handmade products, each item can vary, with some imperfections which make out products so special and unique.