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The bracelets come neatly packaged  which explains the legend of the red thread legend and is used to reinforce the beautiful bond with family, friends or your partner. Creatively and socially inspired. Buy and help support the housewives of Antioquia, Colombia.


The legend goes;


Every night, the moon’s grandfather goes out in search of couls who are destined to meet, those beings that have something to teach each other. Once he finds them, he ties them together with an invisible red thread around their little fingers, preventing them from loosing each other.


Choose from the 4 available designs, the same or mixed.


The string might get stretched, contracted or even entangled, but it will never break, regardless of time, place or circumstances.


Who have you been tied to with an invisable red thread. Make it visable.

Red Thread Bracelet

  • Material; waxed string, polyester resin brooch


    Approximate measurements;  Width according to selected design: 0.5 cm to 1 cm  Length: adjustable


    Please beware that as these are handmade products, each item can vary, with some imperfections which make out products so special and unique.