Our Origins

Our products….

Our jewellery products are created by nature, crafted by hand and inspired by Colombia. Our ethos is as an environmentally friendly as possible, from the jewellery materials to the up-cycled packages, business cards and displays we use. Many pieces feature natural flowers, seeds, wood, hemp; all sustainable and beautiful materials.

With each £50 of sales, a tree is planted in the Amazon rainforest to help us give back to our gorgeous world and to remind us of from where we have taken (plantatree.org).

Most of our items are made in Colombia or by my own hands here in North Wales. You will find in the item description more about how and where the items were made, you can help support local small families or stay at home Mums with the purchase of our products. Please feel free to ask anything about where they came from, who we support or if you would like anything specially made for you or as a gift.

How were you inspired?

Humming Lotus Bird is a brand inspired by the natural beauty of Colombia and the kindness, creativity, hard-work and struggles of its people. Colombia’s creative culture and resources motivated me to try capture it's beauty and bring it over to you guys  in the UK.

Why are you called Humming Lotus Bird?

Hummingbirds are beautiful and graceful native American creatures. They fly in all directions (up to 25 MPH! -  including backwards!), but can stop and hover within seconds.

We all should hover more, be present with ourselves more and to be present with nature more. The hummingbird reminds oneself to stop and enjoy life’s simple pleasures and it's surroundings.

Hummingbirds could not survive without flowers, as many flowers could not survive without the hummingbird.

The lotus flower is often known as a scared flower to a number of different religions. The flowers ability to grow from a deep dark pond, to a beautiful, clean, delicate flower, blooming on the surface, represents rebirth, purity and desire.

Together they represent something so beautiful, a strong independence and personal growth, but at the same time a dependence on each other as two beings, and a dependance on nature.

The logo also represents a significant part of my life, a time in which I grew, learnt, adapted and became more independent. It represents where I learnt many of my traits, personal and creative having lived a number of years in both Cambodia, where the lotus flower is prominet everywhere and Colombia, where hummingbirds often hovered in my garden.


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