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Meet Ana Maria Correa

For me, Leki Lekto is to dream, believe in that dream and make it a reality. To have vision, conviction, discipline, love and commitment to create what you imagine into a clear and defined purpose.

Meet Daniel Diaz

For me, Leki Lekto represents ideas which connect people with a feeling or a situation. It represents a dream, of which I have been able share and which people have been able to join. It’s to change the idea of business, concentrating more on the talent of the people, the meaning of the creations and what it generates for the buyers.

We are handmade with love.

Meet Magnolia Restrepo

For me, Leki Lekto represents an experience of learning, of knowledge and of creativity. It has changed my style of living and is a consant challenge of personal improvement. Leki Lekto is the art of making knots, it is passion made colour, it’s a rainbow of dreams become reality. It’s a world of fantasies and dreams that become love in our artisan hands.

Meet Adriana Ramirez

For me, Leki Lekto signifies a factory of dreams, where people create with their hearts, do what they love and what they believe in. Also, it’s an experience, and a great opportunity to learn every day from wonderful people

Meet Dolma Giraldo

For me, Leki Lekto signifies a marvellous opportunity to express and represent designs in styles and colour that I like. It is a therapy, it’s a way to express my emotions, to weave dreams and allow them to fly; also, it lets me create links with a wonderful group of people, the more we work together, the more we become friends of battle. I love my work. 

Meet Beatriz Duque

For me, Leki Lekto

represents an important change in my life, an opportunity to feel useful in something other than my work as a mother and housewife. I have learned to be more patient while doing my work and organizing time.

Meet Carolina Martínez

For me, Leki Lekto means opportunity. It supports my knowledge of the art of macramé and allows me to learn more everyday, and acquire tools to support my colleagues and make Leki Lekto a great company.

Meet Berónica Graja

For me, Leki Lekto represents a great experience. I am so grateful to do what I like most and share with such great people. 

Meet Amparo Patiño

For me, Leki Lekto means sharing with my friends. It represents more than an economic entrance, it is to have free time to occupy, it is a hobby for me.

Meet Alba Pavas

For me, Alba Pavas, Leki Lekto means and represents discovering that I have a beautiful talent, to find myself, to understand that everything can be done with love and willpower. Leki Lekto is my big dream.

Meet Esther Juliana Cardona

For me, Esther Julia Cardona, Leki Lekto means and represents a very nice opportunity for learning and growth, in addition to de-stressing. It is everything, for being a great help for the mothers head of the family.

Meet Leidy Patiño

For me, Leki Lekto means an opportunity, to show our skills in macramé. It’s to learn within a family, I feel so happy to be part of this group.